SPEAK english during the summer

30 mayo, 2016

Opciones para consolidar tu inglés o darle un empujón durante el verano

The summer is coming and among other things it is also a time when we can consolidate all we have learned this year in our English classes, maybe even sit an exam, FCE, CAE, IELTS etc; and get that necessary diploma to prove that you have achieved a required level of English in all the four skills.

If you have not yet been abroad to an English speaking country, then opportunities to speak are few and far between. So what can we do to improve our speaking?

  • Forget your grammar

If you have to concentrate on grammar rules or translate from your own language into English all the time then you will most likely become hesitant. Instead try practising chunking.

By that we mean using collocations, words that commonly go together, idioms, phrasal verbs and social formulas such as: see you later! Have a nice day!

  • Train your ear

Listen to music, watch movies, tv series in English and focus on patterns used, the way things are phrased or ordered and try to imitate them whenever possible. Read non-academic material such as magazines and newspapers to expand your vocabulary.

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  • And above all don’t be afraid to SPEAK English

The only way you are going to recognise, learn and correct your mistakes is by speaking and listening to others.
And you can do all this by signing up for one of our intensive English courses in June/July

  • For exams

I.E.L.T.S. (International English language testing system)

Fechas: Junio 17 - Julio 22
Convocatoria: cada 2 meses
Horario: 16.00-20.00
Días: Viernes
Precio: 150€

F.C.E. (First Certificate)

Fechas: Junio 30- Julio 27
Convocatoria: Julio 28 2016
Horario: 9-00 – 11.30
Días : lunes, martes miércoles y jueves
Precio: 300€

C.A.E. (Advanced)

Fechas: Junio 27 - Julio 20
Convocatoria: Julio 21
Horario: 9.00-11.30
18.45 – 21.15
Días: lunes, martes miércoles y jueves
Precio: 300€

  • Or just to keep up your level:

Business English

Horario: 9.00-11.30
18.45 – 21.15
Días: lunes, martes miércoles y jueves
Precio: 300€

General English

Horario: 9.00-11.30
16.00 – 18.30
Días: lunes, martes miércoles y jueves
Precio: 300€

Más información y reservas en formacion@camaradealava.com